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Common perfume material

Agarwood (Oudh): Rich, woody, smoky

Ambergris: Sweet, marine, animalic

Basil: Green, herbal, spicy

Bergamot: Citrusy, bright, freshening

Cedarwood: Woody, smoky, earthy

Cinnamon: Spicy, warm, sweet

Clary Sage: Earthy, sweet, herbal

Coriander: Citrusy, spicy, citrus-like

Cumin: Spicy, warm, earthy

Frankincense: Balsamic, resinous, leathery

Galbanum: Resinous, herbaceous, earthy

Geranium: Hersal, fragrant, floral
Geranium Bourbon: Sweet, fruity, dark

Ginger: Warm, spicy, woody

Grapefruit: Citrusy, tart, bright

Heliotrope: Sweet, almondy, floral

Honeysuckle: Sweet, blooming, floral

Hyacinth: Sweet, floral, green

Ivory: Clean, fresh, powdery

Jasmine: Sweet, floral, heady

Labdanum: Sweet, woody, animalic

Lavender: Herbaceous, relaxing, fresh

Lemon: Tart, zesty, uplifting

Lime: Citrusy, zesty, sour

Magnolia: Floral, sweet, warm

Mimosa: Soft, sweet, hay-like

Myrrh: Resinous, spice, warm

Neroli: Citrusy, sweet, floral

Nutmeg: Spicy, warm, pungent

Oakmoss: Earthy, aromatic, woody

Orange Blossom: Citrusy, floral, sweet

Orris: Sweet, earthy, pungent

Patchouli: Earthy, smoky, musky

Peach: Sweet, juicy, fruity

Pine: Fresh, camphorous, balsamic

Rose: Floral, sweet, romantic

Sandalwood: Woody, sweet, sensual

Sage: Herbal, fresh, green

Tangerine: Citrusy, juicy, tangy

Tobacco: Earthy, sweet, smoky

Tonka Bean: Sweet, tobacco-like, vanilla

Vanilla: Sweet, creamy, balsamic

Vetiver: Earthy, smoky, woody

Ylang-Ylang: Sweet, tropical, floral