Perfume Descriptors

Talking about scent can be challenging as its abstract nature often makes it difficult to accurately portray. To help broaden your scent vocabulary and prevent using overly-common descriptions, you may refer to the following list.

1. Animalic - having an odor reminiscent of animals

2. Aromatic - having a pleasant, strong, aromatic smell

3. Balsamic - sweet, fragrant aroma with a hint of spice

4. Buttery - resembling the smell of melted butter

5. Camphorous - having a strong, pungent smell

6. Chypre - a perfume blend of citrus, floral, and mossy notes

7. Citrusy - having a fresh, tart scent, like citrus fruits

8. Cologned - a sharp, sweet scent

9. Creamy - having the smooth, creamy aroma of a lotion

10. Earthy - having a natural, earthy aroma

11. Floral - having a sweet, flowery fragrance

12. Fruity - having a scent reminiscent of fruit

13. Green - having a fresh, grassy, leafy smell

14. Herbal - having an herbal, medicinal scent

15. Musky - having a heavy, animal-like scent

16. Ozonic - having an airy, fresh, ozone-like smell

17. Piquant - having a sharp, spicy scent

18. Powdery - having a soft,