Meet our Founder and House perfumer


Mika, Founder & House Perfumer

“As a classical musician, I am inspired by the musicality that exists in fragrances. What I find most compelling is that both music and perfumes offer something unique. Though they remain unseen, both exist with the power to move us. They make us realize that there is a world of beauty that lives in the invisible.”  - MT

Following his studies in classical piano, Mïka worked in marketing for two world-class Canadian Orchestras: l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir in Toronto. He also assumed the role of Artistic Director of his own multidisciplinary theatre company while in Montréal to nourish his active creative spirit. Mika would often describe his artistic process as multidisciplinary storytelling at the crossroads of classical traditions and technology. 

While developing a successful career in the arts, Mïka fostered a passion for fragrances. Viewing perfumery as a complimentary artistic medium that could expand his possibilities for storytelling, Mïka journeyed down the rabbit hole of fragrances and reemerged with the concept of a new niche perfume brand: Art & Alchemy Parfum. 

Through this new brand, Mïka wanted to offer a safe and inclusive space to enjoy the art of perfumery as well as the positive effects of connecting more deeply with our sense of smell. Taking inspiration in ancient alchemy⁠–arguably where modern perfumery was born–Mïka saw a beautiful allegory on the importance of inclusivity within the colourful and evocative themes of the occult. These are themes that resonated deeply with him on a personal level, having grown up as an LGBTQ2+ artist in a biracial family. In this context, thinking outside the box and doing things differently was just a way of life. 

Much like music, Art & Alchemy Parfum creates a space where all can gather around a unique art form that both transcends language and exists for a brief meaningful moment within the invisible. 

Follow his fragrance journey on Instagram @mikathealchemist and Tiktok @mikathealchemist