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Art & Alchemy Parfum offers an array of original fragrances and products that are inspired by the transformative principles of ancient alchemy. We help clients by accompanying them on their olfactory journey to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their sense of smell.

Our 3 principles: 


Icon of incense being burnt in a bowl shaped vesselUnlock the power of fragrances and aromas to influence positive emotional states and achieve wellness.

Fragrance has been intertwined with humanity for centuries, connecting us to our spiritual world and transporting us back to particular memories in time. It’s also been scientifically proven to influence our emotions in powerful ways.


Inclusivity third eye symbol

We create a safe and inclusive environment that celebrates individuality and empowers customers to express themselves through perfume

Fragrance unites us all, regardless of gender and cultural norms. Our products are open to everyone, free of classification. Embrace the value of inclusivity and enjoy the art of perfumery!


Wiccan pentagram of the 4 elements and spiritWe respect nature by understanding its limitations and constantly striving for more sustainable practices.

Throughout history, the occult arts have been obsessed with understanding the natural world. From the druid's fascination with the stars, to the modern wicca’s worship of the seasons, and the alchemist’s dizzying collection of natural substances, nature takes centre stage. We honour this tradition and believe that sustainability is no longer a choice but a priority for every brand.

Alchemy diagram