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Welcome to ART & ALCHEMY®, Toronto's alternative fragrance house, where a theatrical blend of perfumes awaits, inspired by the stage, music, and pop culture. Drawing from the enchantment of theatre, our fragrances playfully evoke the liberating experience of changing costumes to transform into different colourful characters, unlocking diverse facets of our personas. Step into the spotlight to become the main character of your captivating narrative, exploring bolder and grander versions of yourself through the power of scent.



Branded BagsInspired by the belief that every individual holds extraordinary potential waiting to be unlocked, ART & ALCHEMY® embarks on a journey of self-discovery through the enchanting world of fragrance.

Guided by our fascination with captivating fictional archetypes—sorcerers, enchantresses, seductresses, cunning ingenues, unlikely heroes, and more—we recognize their transformative potential to inspire personal growth and empowerment. These characters reside within us, ready to be summoned when needed.

Our collection of theatrical scents serves as a medium for self-expression and reflection, inviting you to become the main character of your extraordinary narrative. With unapologetic originality, we encourage you to explore your identity and reveal unspoken truths through the power of scent.

Welcome to ART & ALCHEMY®. Welcome to the stage of your scented narrative.


Mika the Alchemist

ART & ALCHEMY® stands at the crossroads of fragrance and theater, an innovative fusion crafted by the artist Mïka Tremblay. As a perfumer and storyteller, Mïka seamlessly intertwines fragrances with narratives, drawing inspiration from a background deeply rooted in the arts. From the grand halls of music conservatories to the vibrant stages of musical theater, Mïka's journey unfolds as a symphony of diverse experiences, masterfully blending classical traditions with modern storytelling techniques.

Mïka's fascination with fragrances began in childhood, where the aromatic allure of jasmine flowers and his mother's perfume collection sparked his imagination. Perfumery emerged as a captivating medium for expanding his storytelling horizons, merging his theatrical background with the evocative power of scent.

Growing up as an outsider in a small town during the 80s and 90s, Mïka faced the challenges of navigating his mixed-race identity (Filipino and French Canadian) and being a member of the LGBTQ2+ community in a social context that was less accepting of diversity. During those formative years, Mïka found solace and strength through the transformative realms of music, theatre, comic books, and films. These immersive worlds offered narratives of resilience and inspiration that motivated him to overcome adversity and embrace his unique identity.

It's from this deeply personal journey that ART & ALCHEMY® was born—a sanctuary where individuals, especially those who feel misunderstood, can discover their voice and summon inner strength through the enchantment of unique essences.

"I consistently find myself recounting variations of the same tale: one of a character who, despite facing misunderstanding and marginalization, transcends these obstacles to emerge as a formidable and empowered individual. I identify with those characters, and I perceive that strength and potential within everyone." - Mika

Follow his fragrance journey on Instagram @mikathealchemist and Tiktok @mikathealchemist


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