Perfumer's organ


Philosopher's Stone

Alchemy is often associated with the concept of transmutation – a process whereby simple materials evolve into nobler ones, like lead into gold. In reality, alchemists’ interests were far more diverse. They sought the transformation of the body and soul, guided by the belief that people possess  a hidden transcending potential.  

Adhering to this ancient concept of transformation, Art & Alchemy Parfum offers an array of original fragrances and products that serve as catalysts for tapping into our inner potential. Our perfumes are an artistic medium expressing ideas and emotions. Likewise, through the experience of our products, we energize and inspire our clients to manifest their positive self-fulfilling prophecies.

Our 3 principles: 


We believe in the power of fragrances and aromas to influence emotional states and see this as an opportunity we may leverage to achieve wellness.

Icon of incense being burnt in a bowl shaped vesselThe word perfume originates from the Latin per fumum, meaning ‘through smoke’. In ancient Egypt, they would burn rare and precious materials such as resins and oils to release their fragrances and connect with the spirit world. Humanity's relationship with scent is ubiquitous and has played a key role in various rituals and ceremonies. More recently, science has demonstrated that smells and fragrances do indeed have the power to influence our emotions and mentally transport us to different times and places. In effect, amongst our five senses, smell is the only one directly connected with our centre of emotions in the brain and can more accurately evoke particular memories. There remains much to be learned about this profound emotional connection.


Inclusivity third eye symbol

We celebrate the limitless expression of each person’s unique identity and promote a safe and inclusive space to enjoy the art of perfumery.

Often misunderstood and feared, fringe groups practicing occult arts have nevertheless made many contributions to the advancement of science and culture. There is an important lesson to be learned from this about the value of inclusivity. Applied fragrance, due to its invisible nature, transcends gender norms and cultural differences more easily than other forms of expression. The art of perfumery should be enjoyed by all without concerns for classifications such as masculine, feminine, unisex, etc. Likewise, we describe our products as available to all. We allow our clients to decide how our products suit them, liberated from restrictive classifications. 


We respect nature by understanding its limitations and constantly striving for more sustainable practices.

Wiccan pentagram of the 4 elements and spiritThroughout history, the occult arts have been obsessed with understanding the natural world. From the druid's fascination with the stars, to the modern wicca’s worship of the seasons, and the alchemist’s dizzying collection of natural substances, nature takes centre stage. We honour this tradition and believe that sustainability is no longer a choice but a priority for every brand.

Alchemy diagram