Miguel Anguiano, Dancer

Miguel Anguiano, DancerThe main source of inspiration for me as an artist is anything that fulfills my own perception and concept of beauty: a gesture, a smile, a painting, a melody, nature, wildlife. Anything that seems beautiful deeply inspires me to create more beauty by translating it through movement and rhythm.
Being an LGBTQ2+ community member, a Latin Canadian, an immigrant, a mature performer help me think outside of the box. My culture is also a huge source of inspiration. The richness of its history that I have inherited from my ancestors influences my way thinking and even the way I move.
What makes me an 'Alchemist' (a catalyst of change) and what motivates me to continue sharing my gift is the thought that I can inspire others who may identify themselves in me and convince themselves that they too can do it!

If in anyway my art can inspire others to go ahead and develop their full potential and realize their dreams it’s the reason why I keep performing and dancing.

-Miguel Anguiano | @mickael_ulysse